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Treatment: Microblading


Microblading is a process of tattooing to create realistic hair strokes on the brows. They can either complement and fill sparse existing brows or create a complete new brow from nothing. Nanoblading/microstrokes provide even finer strokes using a smaller more defined blade.

Microblading is a semi Permanent make up tattoo that enters the upper dermal layer only. This means that with ageing cells, exfoliation and sun exposure, the tattoo will gradually fade over the years. This is beneficial as fashion and styles changes, as does make up therefore what shape and colour is desired now, may not be in 2-3yrs. A retouch is recommended between 1-2yrs dependant upon the individual. A retouch at this stage would be at reduced price than the full price as the shape and measurements should be still visible but if not, then the full price may apply. A consultation may be required first.

The initial treatment will last for approx 1 1/2 hours which includes a consultation, pre treatment checks, measuring and designing of desired brows, colour matching, the procedure and finally the post treatment advice. The actual procedure of tattooing is approx 15mins per brow in 2-3 stages. Topical anaesthetic is used during the procedure making it pain free.

Healing time is 7-14 days for the scabs to heal and come away. The true result will take up to 4 wks to see as the colour gradually rises under the skin. It will depend on the individual as to how the tattoo heals and to what extent a top up 4-8wks is needed. This is because different skins types, conditions, aftercare can all effect the outcome. Top ups are highly recommended to ensure the treatment lasts for as long as possible.

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Microbladed Eyebrows- First treatment
Top up 4-8 weeks after 1st treatment
£50 (optional)
Colour Retouch within 6 months
Colour Retouch within 6-12 months
Colour Retouch 12-18 months

*Full price applies after 18 months
*Cover ups are to be quoted individually
£20 non-refundable deposit required

Contraindicaions to Microblading Procedure:

We cannot treat you if:

Treatment: Pre Procedure Advice

Permanent cosmetic procedures will normally require multiple treatment sessions. For best results, clients will be required to return for at least one retouch procedure, usually between 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure.

Be prepared for the colour to be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the procedure. This will subside and become lighter as the tissue heals. This process can take up to ten days. The colour will then appear faded for up to 14days as the colour warms to the top of the skin layer therefore a minimum of 4 weeks until true result is seen

Advice for all permanent cosmetic procedures:

Eyebrow Procedures:

Treatment: Post Procedure Advice

*please note this advice is for the duration of the scabbing process which takes up to 14days*

After the procedure do not:

Use the lubricant provided by your technician once daily at bedtime (apply thinly by dabbing) until all scabs have fallen away

*once all scans have fallen away you can resume your normal routines however please always make sure that long term, you protect your brow tattoo from the sun with factor 50 sun cream inclusive of UVA and UVB, both when sunbathing and/or sunbeds*

Please always feel free to consult your technician if you have any concerns or questions during the healing process